September 18, 2017
The new term has just begun! This is the inaugural term for the 3D Animation Program and within 6 classes the students are already doing cool things with Maya! It's always been a top priority for RAIS when developing programs to eliminate the "time stretching" aspects that other schools incorporate into their programs to make you stay longer and pay more. We 100% believe that the curriculum focus should be on developing the skills that the student will need after graduation and doing so at a much more affordable tuition cost than out of province schools. 

Early into the term, the Motion Picture Arts students have already had their 1st screenwriting class, did an introductory assignment playing with the cameras outside and had their first editing class with Adobe Premiere. We are looking forward to seeing what this passionate group is going to come up with for their projects!

Meanwhile, during the first week of classes in Audio, the students did a full drum mic setup and also recorded a cover together. They are now up in class, getting the basics of Pro Tools editing. Next Friday we're bringing in the first act for the students to record. It's going to be fun!

Seats are aready starting to fill up for next term for all the programs! 

The next intake period for Audio Engineering & Motion Picture Arts is March 2018.

The next intake period for 3D Animation is September 2018.

Apply now!

June 29, 2017
Time flies! We're already approaching the midway point in both the Audio Engineering & Motion Picture Arts Programs. The MPA students spent the first half of April being taught lighting and cameras by the always awesome, Damien Kent. The latter half of the month involved learning some visual effects using After Effects with the equally awesome, Richard Wright. Richard has worked on lots of cool projects. You've probably seen his work on the SaskTel (Little Red Riding Hood) 3D Animation commercials.

All of our instructors truly enjoy teaching the next-generation of artists in this province!

Speaking of 3D Animation, we can't wait to get started this fall! We have some amazing instructors and great all-around people on-board. The curriculum is relevant, intensive and focused on one goal...helping our students develop a professional-looking demo reel. As with our other programs, the class size is small (10 students), allowing our instructors much more one-on-one time with the students. This is something that no other school in the country can offer.

Enjoy the warmth and sunshine!

Update on Seat Availability For September 2017:

Audio Engineering: Apply now!

Motion Picture Arts: A couple seats available for September 2017. Apply now!

3D Animation: A couple seats available for September 2017. Apply now!
March 28, 2017
We are 3 weeks into the new term for both the Audio Engineering and Motion Picture Arts programs! The audio students are learning about the physics of sound, microphones and introductory Pro Tools. We already had a Friday recording session last week featuring RAIS graduate, Nadeige Dionne-Welch, on the acoustic guitar/vocals. Here at RAIS, we believe the best way to learn how to record is by actually doing it! 

The film students have been learning about the screenwriting process, set positions, basic editing with Adobe Premiere and of course...playing with all the cameras! Next week they get into advanced lighting followed by visual effects.

RAIS is also excited about the new 3D Animation Program starting up this September! The applications are starting to flow in for the new 12 month program. We have some excellent instructors lined up and an engaging, relevant curriculum in the works. Apply now! 
January 5, 2017
Happy New Years! 2016 is now history and we're incredibly excited for what's in store for the future at RAIS! We just officially announced our brand new 3D Animation program today, which will have it's inaugural term this September. It has been 2 years in the making trying to get this program up and running, searching for just the right instructors to make the program take off. We found them!

After 5 years of existence, our Mission Statement at RAIS has never waivered; offering people in the prairie provinces a first-rate education, at a tuition cost much more affordable than other comparable schools in the country. Deliver hands-on curriculums with small class sizes and amazing instructors, allowing the young creative-minded individuals an opportunity to develop and succeed. Then after graduation, help the deserving graduates achieve success in their chosen field. 

Seats are filling up quickly for the March 2017 term in both the Audio Engineering & Motion Picture Arts Programs. If you're interested in getting more information or would like to book a free tour of the facility, email us at info@rais.ca.

September 23, 2016
The new September 2016 term has begun and there is plenty of excitement and energy at the institute! We are in Week 1 basic theory, but that doesn't mean our students just sit around and write notes all day. We believe that the creative type of student learns best by being in the studios, using the microphones, mixers, cameras and lights. A true hands-on environment!

The greatest news we receive here at RAIS, is when our graduates get work after their schooling is complete. This week alone we found out that two of our recent film graduates just obtained jobs at TV stations in the province and another graduate got a gig as an assistant director in a feature length movie shot in Regina a month ago. Meanwhile, one of audio graduates from last term gained work doing location audio and post production on a corporate shoot. Three other recent grads from last term are now employed at a leading corporate audio/visual company here in the city. The RAIS administration work hard at helping our students, who diplayed the dedication/work ethic while in school, to gain employment afterwards!

One of our film graduates, Jordan Backman, has been successfully getting his short film movie (Static) submitted to various international film festivals, including a festival in New York City. Congratulations Jordan! Here is a link to his movie. 


One more thing...it is our 5th year anniversary! It's been an amazing time getting to get to know all the creative and talented students that completed our programs and seeing the various paths that they took in their respective fields. 
October 8, 2014
Students are back in class again after a week off for midterm break. Instructor Daryl Pierce is teaching the students the finer points of audio post production (sound for film). As well, students are busy finishing up their edits/mixes for Sirvis. They're going to be really busy for the final 2 month stretch!

Stay tuned, we have a bunch of great acts coming into the school to record with the class!

We are still taking applications (Film and  Audio) for the upcoming January 2015 session, but if you're interested, don't wait much longer...seats are filling up quick!

September 25, 2014
It has been a very busy week at RAIS! Students wrote two exams, shot a short film for location audio/post production classes (stay tuned to our YouTube channel to watch it) as well as working on this weeks music project. Students recorded The Population last Friday. It was a great experience for the students to record a live off the floor session with so many players (7). The session ran smoothly and most importantly, the captured tones sound great! Check out our Facebook link at the bottom to see photos of the session.

Tomorrow we have hip-hop artist, Sirvis, coming in to work with the students! Check out the link to his website!


We've been getting a lot of questions lately about seating availability for the upcoming January 2015 term.
There are still seats available for both the Audio and Film Programs for January 2015.
Apply now!
Film and Audio School
We encourage interested individuals to call (306) 292-6744 or (306) 220-6944 to arrange a tour of our facility and talk with our administrators about any questions they may have about the program. The Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon 1926 Alberta Ave
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