Audio Engineering Faculty

Aleksander Lomaszkiewicz
Aleksander graduated from The Center for Digital Imaging and Sound in Burnaby, B.C in 2003. Immediately upon graduating from the Digital Animation Master Program, he was hired at Electronic Arts Canada. While working at EA, he excelled and gained knowledge working with some of the top industry professionals from all over the world. As Co-Lead and Senior Artist at EA, Aleksander worked on the NHL, FIFA, NBA, MVP Baseball and the Fight Night sports series. Aleksander was involved in all aspects of the production, setting higher benchmarks to push the art quaility of the games. Upon moving to Saskatchewan, he helped to form DIG Animation, where he lead the modeling and character design department, training and setting up a production pipeline for 3D Animation commercials.


Richard Wright

Richard attended the International Academy of Art and Design/Toronto Film School in 2006 where he completed his 3D Animation training, graduating with honors. Since then, Richard has been working professionally as an animator in advertising, television commercials and movies. Richard has won multiple awards for his 3D animation work in advertising, as well as, the 3D Total Excellence Award for his artistic work. Rich is easy going, easy to talk to, and eager to pass on his knowledge to the new generation of 3D designers.

Click here to view Richard's Demo Reel

Ryan Hansford

Originally from Manitoba, Canada, Ryan moved to Saskatchewan in 2007 to attend a two year 3D Animation program. He then went on to be one of the original members of a small animation company, and was instrumental in the growth of the company during his time there.

Always keen to improve and master new skills, Ryan has mentored under and trained with world class artists from companies such as Pixar Animation Studios, Blue Sky Studios, and MPC.

Ryan then went on to lend his talents to the feature film world, and is currently working as a Lighting/Look Development Artist at Method Studios Vancouver.  While at Method, Ryan has worked on some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster films including Avengers: Infinity War, Aquaman, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Thor: Ragnarok, and Spiderman: Homecoming to name a few.

Continuously striving to refine his skills and versatility as an artist, Ryan is always looking for new challenges and exciting projects work on.


Click here to view Ryan's Demo Reel

Another new term has just begun!

3D Animation students are now fully immersed in the world of Maya, the industry standard 3D software. The students are working on simple models and textures (in Photoshop) before they break out the tablets and get into the Zbrush modelling software! 

The audio engineering students had the opportunity to record Funk Joint Duo for the first recording session. It was a fantastic session! In the next couple weeks, the students will start learning about music production and further delve into mixing.

Meanwhile, the film students have been introduced to all major aspects of filmmaking. Screenwriting, using cameras, lighting, editing with After effects coming up in the near future. Soon the class projects will be happening to put all these principles into practice. It's always exciting to see what the students come up with!

Seats are already starting to fill up for the March 2019 term. To book a free tour of the facility email 

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We're already over the half way point for the term...time flies when you're having fun! 

Audio students have finished up music production and are now learning the ins & outs of live sound with instructor, Jamie Peever. A number of cool Saskatchewan bands have recently walked through the door to record with the students including; The Pistolwhips, The Local Flavour and Memory of a Night, to name a few. Next up, the audio class will start delving into post-production audio for television and film and begin working on a film student project!

Meanwhile, the 3D Animation class is busy working on their final portfolio project. The RAIS faculty are thrilled by the growth these students have shown over the course of this year. We had guest instructor, Ryan Hansford, in to work with the class last week. Ryan has worked on small movies like; Avengers: Infinity War, Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: name just a few. Ryan gave the class some incredibly valuable insight into what it takes to succeed in the industry! 

The film class is getting ready to shoot their music video project this weekend. Stay tuned on the RAIS Facebook/Instagram page to see the results! As well, the class is ramping up pre-production on their final projects. This means; finishing up the scripts, casting actors, rehearsals, finding locations, getting the team ready behind the camera.

It's a lot of work...but they're having a blast doing it!

There are seats available for the upcoming September 2018 term, but they will be filling up soon. Apply now!  
Spring has finally arrived, which means, the start of a new term at RAIS! 

The audio class had their first recording session of the term with singer/songwriter Quinlin Wotherspoon! Quinlin is an amazing up and coming talent from Saskatoon. It's incredible just how much musical talent lives in this city! We have many other great acts lined up for the students to record and mix this term. Stay tuned! At RAIS we don't like to sit around and theorize about how to record music, instead, we take the students into the studio and record! By day 6 this term, students were in the studio recording a full drum kit. We believe that immersing the students in a true hands-on environment is not just the best way to's the only way to learn!

The film students are having fun learning the ropes in screenplay writing, editing with Adobe Premiere and camera basics. Damien Kent is coming in next week to teach lighting and get more in depth with all the cameras. Class projects are beginning soon after!

Meanwhile the 3D animation students are working away on their projects/demo reels. Every time we peek our heads in that classroom, we walk away impressed with what they're accomplishing in such a short period! Click the Facebook link below to see some of the things they've been up to!

The new term begins September 2018. Apply now!
Happy New Year! Since the break, things have become quite hectic around the facility! The last two weeks film students were casting, location scouting, doing final touches on scripts, storyboarding, doing camera tests, among many other things that have to happen before shooting a film. The students are discovering first hand the difficulties of producing a movie! This week, students are now shooting their projects and the stress of pre-production has turned into excitement! 

The audio students have been keeping very busy as well. Over the last month, they had the chance to record some excellent Saskatoon bands such as; Ritual Rabbits, Johnny Don't and Firing At The Sky. Aside from all the recording they do in class, students were taught Post-Production audio, Electronic Music and are now spending the next couple weeks doing Live Sound with instructor Jamie Peever.

Meanwhile over in 3D Animation land, our students and instructors have locked themselves in their classroom to dig deeper into the world of Maya! The work we are seeing from this hard working group is starting to pay off. They did their first animation excersise last month and the results were fantastic! This week they are gettting into more advanced modelling by modelling a human head using Zbrush. Keep up the hard work!

The new term begins in March. There are only a couple seats available for all classes. Apply now!

The new term has just begun! This is the inaugural term for the 3D Animation Program and within 6 classes the students are already doing cool things with Maya! It's always been a top priority for RAIS when developing programs to eliminate the "time stretching" aspects that other schools incorporate into their programs to make you stay longer and pay more. We 100% believe that the curriculum focus should be on developing the skills that the student will need after graduation and doing so at a much more affordable tuition cost than out of province schools. 

Early into the term, the Motion Picture Arts students have already had their 1st screenwriting class, did an introductory assignment playing with the cameras outside and had their first editing class with Adobe Premiere. We are looking forward to seeing what this passionate group is going to come up with for their projects!

Meanwhile, during the first week of classes in Audio, the students did a full drum mic setup and also recorded a cover together. They are now up in class, getting the basics of Pro Tools editing. Next Friday we're bringing in the first act for the students to record. It's going to be fun!

Seats are aready starting to fill up for next term for all the programs! 

The next intake period for Audio Engineering & Motion Picture Arts is March 2018.

The next intake period for 3D Animation is September 2018.

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Time flies! We're already approaching the midway point in both the Audio Engineering & Motion Picture Arts Programs. The MPA students spent the first half of April being taught lighting and cameras by the always awesome, Damien Kent. The latter half of the month involved learning some visual effects using After Effects with the equally awesome, Richard Wright. Richard has worked on lots of cool projects. You've probably seen his work on the SaskTel (Little Red Riding Hood) 3D Animation commercials.

All of our instructors truly enjoy teaching the next-generation of artists in this province!

Speaking of 3D Animation, we can't wait to get started this fall! We have some amazing instructors and great all-around people on-board. The curriculum is relevant, intensive and focused on one goal...helping our students develop a professional-looking demo reel. As with our other programs, the class size is small (10 students), allowing our instructors much more one-on-one time with the students. This is something that no other school in the country can offer.

Enjoy the warmth and sunshine!

Update on Seat Availability For September 2017:

Audio Engineering: Apply now!

Motion Picture Arts: A couple seats available for September 2017. Apply now!

3D Animation: A couple seats available for September 2017. Apply now!
We are 3 weeks into the new term for both the Audio Engineering and Motion Picture Arts programs! The audio students are learning about the physics of sound, microphones and introductory Pro Tools. We already had a Friday recording session last week featuring RAIS graduate, Nadeige Dionne-Welch, on the acoustic guitar/vocals. Here at RAIS, we believe the best way to learn how to record is by actually doing it! 

The film students have been learning about the screenwriting process, set positions, basic editing with Adobe Premiere and of course...playing with all the cameras! Next week they get into advanced lighting followed by visual effects.

RAIS is also excited about the new 3D Animation Program starting up this September! The applications are starting to flow in for the new 12 month program. We have some excellent instructors lined up and an engaging, relevant curriculum in the works. Apply now! 
Ryan Andersen
Head Instructor
Ryan Andersen went to school for audio engineering and production at the Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound in Burnaby, BC in 1996. Two years later, he graduated from the Masters program and began working as a runner at Bryan Adam's recording facility Warehouse Studios in Vancouver. While at the Warehouse Studio, he worked with acts such as AC/DC, Sarah McLachlan, Moist, Bryan Adams, and Mudvayne. Ryan has also worked alongside legendary producers Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Eve 6, Good Charolette), Garth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine, Pacifier, Hedley), Bob Clearmountain (Bryan Adams), Randy Staub (Metallica, Nickelback), and Mike Fraser (Aerosmith, AC/DC) to name a few.

Ryan eventually began freelancing as a music editor/engineer with long-time friend and producer Joey Moi. They began working with independent bands, producing and editing their sound, and getting many of the acts signed to deals with record labels in the U.S. and Canada. Ryan worked on projects in Seattle alongside producer Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, Blind Melon) and then went back to Vancouver to record Theory of a Deadman's debut album. This led to Ryan working with Theory's co-producer Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) on many of his side projects and eventually on two Nickelback records. Ryan worked on many other projects during this time including Default, Thornley, Bo Bice, Hinder, Closure, Chad Kroeger's song "Hero" and his collaboration with Santana as well as many other albums and demos for independent acts.

In 2005 Ryan moved back home to Saskatchewan to start his own recording studio, Red Door Recording. As well as working with local artists, he has been travelling back and forth to Los Angeles and San Diego working on projects like InDroves, Scattered Hamlet, and Nick Black, as well as helping design and build The Castle studios in Hollywood, CA.

Ryan always enjoys sharing his knowledge, expertise and experience with the next generation of audio engineers in this province.
Shayne Metcalfe
Head Instructor
Shayne Metcalfe is a filmmaker and video artist living Saskatchewan. He is a partner in ISEE Motion Picture Company, a Canadian production company with experience delivering to broadcast and industrial markets. Shayne has experience working in nearly every position on a feature film crew.

He has written and directed drama, commercials, and nationally broadcast documentaries. Shayne has taught filmmaking and written curriculum for three post secondary schools and is considered an expert in the field of video by the Department of National Defense for whom he has delivered a course titled “Advanced Video” training.

He has been a Directors Guild of Canada Director member from 2001 to 2010 before leaving to work as an independent, served as a member of the SMPIA board of directors From 2006 to 2010 and as jury member for Yorkton Short film and Flicks film festivals.

Shayne is an award winning filmmaker and has worked on numerous award winning productions. His work has been seen on television and in art galleries.

Shayne was chosen as one of nine Canadian directors to develop a “Directors Film and Television Competency Chart” for CHRC (Cultural Human Resources Council) the chart is a standard for training television directors.

Shayne “cut his teeth” in low budget drama with the independent film “Alien Taxidermy». The project was written, directed, and produced by Shayne with self finance and a small grant from the NFB and Canada Council. The project gave Shayne a reputation among producers as a resourceful and multi-skilled filmmaker and led to numerous jobs in the Canadian film industry.

Shayne currently directs for film, television and online markets, exhibits video art installations in galleries and writes for the screen with two feature screenplays, a series in development and documentary in post-production.
Damien Kent
Guest Lecturer
Cinematography and cameras have always been a passion for Damien Kent. This passion led him to receiving his degree in Film Production at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Damien has extensive experience as a news and commercial photographer and currently works at CTV Saskatoon. Besides his on location and studio camera work, Damien also trains reporters in the editing software and techniques for CTV stations provincially. His work at CTV has won him multiple national RTNDA (Radio-Television News Directors Association) awards.

In addition to his news and documentary experience, Damien works with various local production companies. He's been behind the lens on the successful concert series, "The Neighbor's Dog" (Plan 9 Films), as well as short films, "The First Days" (Hulo Films), "On the Brink of Sound" (Tattletale Productions) and documentary series "On the Edge: The Road to the MasterCard Memorial Cup" (Downstream Productions). Damien's experience with cameras range from an iPhone to a Red and all types in-between. 
Daryl Pierce
Audio Post Production Instructor
Daryl has been working as an audio engineer in Saskatoon for close to 20 years. He has worked as a dialog/SFX editor and foley artist on television projects like multi-Gemini award-winning Wapos Bay and Mad Cow Sacred Cow, a Gemini award-winning documentary. Television programs he has worked on have been aired on such channels as The Discovery Channel, CBC, YTV, APTN and SCN. He has also worked on the audio for movie projects (Shadow Puppets) and on radio programs (Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap).

Daryl’s passion for audio extends beyond just audio for video. He is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and as an audio engineer/mastering engineer, worked with many musical acts in Saskatchewan. Daryl enjoys teaching students with the “less note taking, more hands-on” approach to audio engineering that RAIS offers.
Jamie Peever
Live Sound Instructor
Jamie has been involved in the entertainment industry for 20 years. He received his audio engineering degree from Columbia Academy in Edmonton in 1989. He then went on to tour for the following 2 years as sound tech with various acts in Canada. In 1991, Jamie made Saskatoon his home where he has for 20 years been involved with the Ness Creek Festival (FOH sound/entertainment committee), as well as, the Northern Light Bluegrass and Old Time music festival. During his time in Saskatoon, he has been the house live-sound tech at Amigos, Bud's on Broadway, Louis, The Warehouse, Lydia's, Crawdaddy's, The Publican, The Roxy and The Fez (all in Saskatoon). As well, Jamie held the position of entertainment manager at Lydia's for 10 years.

Throughout his career, Jamie has worked with Nazareth, Streetnix, Sam Roberts, The Mahones, The Commitments, Barenaked Ladies, Shirley King, David Lindley, Big Sugar, Marty Stuart, Blues Traveler, Kyle Riabko, Amos Garret, Garnet Rogers, Jordan Cook, 54-40, Trooper, Patricia Conroy, Pirates of the Mississippi, Fubar, Brent Butt, Tegan and Sara, The Be Good Tanyas, Karen Savoca, Wide Mouth Mason, The Rheostatics, Deep Dark Woods, The Reverend Horton Heat, The Sheepdogs and many others. He averages working with over 500 bands a year. Besides doing live sound, Jamie also works as a producer, lecturer, manager and a booking agent.
Eric Thiessen
Film History
Eric has spent equal time studying and working in the Canadian film industry. As a filmmaker he has written and directed a number of episodes for documentary and lifestyle television productions, including a Gemini-award winning series. His editing credits include a myriad of corporate projects and assistance on music videos for Canada’s Country Music Television (CMT). Eric also holds an honours degree in English from the University of Saskatchewan, and is completing his M.A. on Canadian historical films at the University of Calgary. He looks forward to sharing his passion for film with Saskatoon’s most promising new filmmakers.
Happy New Years! 2016 is now history and we're incredibly excited for what's in store for the future at RAIS! We just officially announced our brand new 3D Animation program today, which will have it's inaugural term this September. It has been 2 years in the making trying to get this program up and running, searching for just the right instructors to make the program take off. We found them!

After 5 years of existence, our Mission Statement at RAIS has never waivered; offering people in the prairie provinces a first-rate education, at a tuition cost much more affordable than other comparable schools in the country. Deliver hands-on curriculums with small class sizes and amazing instructors, allowing the young creative-minded individuals an opportunity to develop and succeed. Then after graduation, help the deserving graduates achieve success in their chosen field. 

Seats are filling up quickly for the March 2017 term in both the Audio Engineering & Motion Picture Arts Programs. If you're interested in getting more information or would like to book a free tour of the facility, email us at

Mark Eisenzimmer
Screen Writing
Mark Eisenzimmer has published short stories, essays, and poetry, written three novels, a dozen screenplays that he’s happy with (two of them optioned), and a dozen teleplays for a children’s television drama series—Incredible Story Studio. This children’s series aired on YTV (Canada), Discovery (USA), and Disney (Europe). One of these teleplays won an award for best half-hour drama.

He has written coverage of screenplays for Minds Eye Films, edited novels, and has had two of his stage-plays performed at the Globe Theatre in Regina. He was awarded a Mentor Scholarship by the Sask Motion Picture Association, and awarded development funds for a screenplay project from Telefilm Canada and Corus Premium Television.

Mark looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experiences with aspiring screen and television writers.
Doug Luciuk
RAIS Director
Recording engineer, producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. Doug has had a passion for playing and recording music for over two decades. Doug graduated with honours from the Pacific Audio Visual Institute in Vancouver. Since returning to Saskatchewan, he has worked with numerous acts including Ultimate Power Duo (New Normal), Smoke Killer (13) and Ritual Rabbits (Somehow Never Again). In 2007, Doug co-founded Theta Lab Post-Production Audio which completed many television series (including a Gemini award-winner), short films, television commercials and web-based content. Doug is also experienced in the production side of film making, having done location audio for documentaries, commercials and feature films.
Sean Pion
RAIS Director
Composer, musician, and sound engineer. Sean has been part of the Canadian music scene for over twenty years, having toured the country extensively and recorded in many studios with his band The Dalai Lamas. After touring full time for 3 years he returned to Saskatoon and began his audio career as an engineer at Audeo Sollum Studio. While there, Sean engineered several acts including, Smoke Killer (Side A), Side Door, and Sean Viloria and the Jeta Grove. In 2006, he began his post-production career composing music for TV and film. In 2007 Sean co-founded Theta Lab Post-Production Audio and has since created sound design and music composition for numerous television series, film projects and commercials.
The new September 2016 term has begun and there is plenty of excitement and energy at the institute! We are in Week 1 basic theory, but that doesn't mean our students just sit around and write notes all day. We believe that the creative type of student learns best by being in the studios, using the microphones, mixers, cameras and lights. A true hands-on environment!

The greatest news we receive here at RAIS, is when our graduates get work after their schooling is complete. This week alone we found out that two of our recent film graduates just obtained jobs at TV stations in the province and another graduate got a gig as an assistant director in a feature length movie shot in Regina a month ago. Meanwhile, one of audio graduates from last term gained work doing location audio and post production on a corporate shoot. Three other recent grads from last term are now employed at a leading corporate audio/visual company here in the city. The RAIS administration work hard at helping our students, who diplayed the dedication/work ethic while in school, to gain employment afterwards!

One of our film graduates, Jordan Backman, has been successfully getting his short film movie (Static) submitted to various international film festivals, including a festival in New York City. Congratulations Jordan! Here is a link to his movie.

One more is our 5th year anniversary! It's been an amazing time getting to get to know all the creative and talented students that completed our programs and seeing the various paths that they took in their respective fields. 
Students are back in class again after a week off for midterm break. Instructor Daryl Pierce is teaching the students the finer points of audio post production (sound for film). As well, students are busy finishing up their edits/mixes for Sirvis. They're going to be really busy for the final 2 month stretch!

Stay tuned, we have a bunch of great acts coming into the school to record with the class!

We are still taking applications (Film and  Audio) for the upcoming January 2015 session, but if you're interested, don't wait much longer...seats are filling up quick!

It has been a very busy week at RAIS! Students wrote two exams, shot a short film for location audio/post production classes (stay tuned to our YouTube channel to watch it) as well as working on this weeks music project. Students recorded The Population last Friday. It was a great experience for the students to record a live off the floor session with so many players (7). The session ran smoothly and most importantly, the captured tones sound great! Check out our Facebook link at the bottom to see photos of the session.

Tomorrow we have hip-hop artist, Sirvis, coming in to work with the students! Check out the link to his website!

We've been getting a lot of questions lately about seating availability for the upcoming January 2015 term.
There are still seats available for both the Audio and Film Programs for January 2015.
Apply now!
"Home Recording" Workshop
This beginner course will take you through the steps of recording in your home, using free software (Garage Band) and introducing you to the industry standard software, Pro Tools (Mbox). The goal of this 24-hour course is to provide students with the basic skills to record a quality sounding "demo" from their home.


Day 1
  • Recording environment (sound isolation and treatment)
  • Microphones (types and techniques)
  • Signal flow and routing
Day 2
  • Intro to Garage Band (basic setup and routing)
  • Intro to ProTools (using an Mbox)
  • Setting up a session
Day 3
  • Tempos and using a click track
  • Instrument tuning and micing
  • Record an acoustic guitar and vocal (practice recording in preparation for nect class)
Day 4
  • Recording session (Basic singer/songwriter recording)
  • Multi-track recording
  • Over dub recording
Day 5
  • Midi keyboard recording
  • Create a song using midi
Day 6
  • Editing
  • Plug-ins (introduction to effects, equalizers and compression)
  • Mixing
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Film and Audio School
We encourage interested individuals to call (306) 292-6744 or (306) 220-6944 to arrange a tour of our facility and talk with our administrators about any questions they may have about the program. The Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon 1926 Alberta Ave
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7K 1R9