Rais Update

October 3, 2018

Another new term has just begun!

3D Animation students are now fully immersed in the world of Maya, the industry standard 3D software. The students are working on simple models and textures (in Photoshop) before they break out the tablets and get into the Zbrush modelling software!

The audio engineering students had the opportunity to record Funk Joint Duo for the first recording session. It was a fantastic session! In the next couple weeks, the students will start learning about music production and further delve into mixing.

Meanwhile, the film students have been introduced to all major aspects of filmmaking. Screenwriting, using cameras, lighting, editing with After effects coming up in the near future. Soon the class projects will be happening to put all these principles into practice. It’s always exciting to see what the students come up with!

Seats are already starting to fill up for the March 2019 term. To book a free tour of the facility email info@rais.ca.

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