Rais Update

September 23, 2016

The new September 2016 term has begun and there is plenty of excitement and energy at the institute! We are in Week 1 basic theory, but that doesn’t mean our students just sit around and write notes all day. We believe that the creative type of student learns best by being in the studios, using the microphones, mixers, cameras and lights. A true hands-on environment!

The greatest news we receive here at RAIS, is when our graduates get work after their schooling is complete. This week alone we found out that two of our recent film graduates just obtained jobs at TV stations in the province and another graduate got a gig as an assistant director in a feature length movie shot in Regina a month ago. Meanwhile, one of audio graduates from last term gained work doing location audio and post production on a corporate shoot. Three other recent grads from last term are now employed at a leading corporate audio/visual company here in the city. The RAIS administration work hard at helping our students, who displayed the dedication/work ethic while in school, to gain employment afterwards!

One of our film graduates, Jordan Backman, has been successfully getting his short film movie (Static) submitted to various international film festivals, including a festival in New York City. Congratulations Jordan! Here is a link to his movie.


One more thing…it is our 5th year anniversary! It’s been an amazing time getting to get to know all the creative and talented students that completed our programs and seeing the various paths that they took in their respective fields.