Rais Update

September 18, 2017

The new term has just begun! This is the inaugural term for the 3D Animation Program and within 6 classes the students are already doing cool things with Maya! It’s always been a top priority for RAIS when developing programs to eliminate the “time stretching” aspects that other schools incorporate into their programs to make you stay longer and pay more. We 100% believe that the curriculum focus should be on developing the skills that the student will need after graduation and doing so at a much more affordable tuition cost than out of province schools.

Early into the term, the Motion Picture Arts students have already had their 1st screenwriting class, did an introductory assignment playing with the cameras outside and had their first editing class with Adobe Premiere. We are looking forward to seeing what this passionate group is going to come up with for their projects!

Meanwhile, during the first week of classes in Audio, the students did a full drum mic setup and also recorded a cover together. They are now up in class, getting the basics of Pro Tools editing. Next Friday we’re bringing in the first act for the students to record. It’s going to be fun!

Seats are aready starting to fill up for next term for all the programs!

The next intake period for Audio Engineering & Motion Picture Arts is March 2018.

The next intake period for 3D Animation is September 2018.

Apply now!