Rais Update

January 16, 2018

Happy New Year! Since the break, things have become quite hectic around the facility! The last two weeks film students were casting, location scouting, doing final touches on scripts, storyboarding, doing camera tests, among many other things that have to happen before shooting a film. The students are discovering first hand the difficulties of producing a movie! This week, students are now shooting their projects and the stress of pre-production has turned into excitement!

The audio students have been keeping very busy as well. Over the last month, they had the chance to record some excellent Saskatoon bands such as; Ritual Rabbits, Johnny Don’t and Firing At The Sky. Aside from all the recording they do in class, students were taught Post-Production audio, Electronic Music and are now spending the next couple weeks doing Live Sound with instructor Jamie Peever.

Meanwhile over in 3D Animation land, our students and instructors have locked themselves in their classroom to dig deeper into the world of Maya! The work we are seeing from this hard working group is starting to pay off. They did their first animation excersise last month and the results were fantastic! This week they are gettting into more advanced modelling by modelling a human head using Zbrush. Keep up the hard work!

The new term begins in March. There are only a couple seats available for all classes. Apply now!