Rais Update

March 26, 2018

Spring has finally arrived, which means, the start of a new term at RAIS!

The audio class had their first recording session of the term with singer/songwriter Quinlin Wotherspoon! Quinlin is an amazing up and coming talent from Saskatoon. It’s incredible just how much musical talent lives in this city! We have many other great acts lined up for the students to record and mix this term. Stay tuned! At RAIS we don’t like to sit around and theorize about how to record music, instead, we take the students into the studio and record! By day 6 this term, students were in the studio recording a full drum kit. We believe that immersing the students in a true hands-on environment is not just the best way to learn…it’s the only way to learn!

The film students are having fun learning the ropes in screenplay writing, editing with Adobe Premiere and camera basics. Damien Kent is coming in next week to teach lighting and get more in depth with all the cameras. Class projects are beginning soon after!

Meanwhile the 3D animation students are working away on their projects/demo reels. Every time we peek our heads in that classroom, we walk away impressed with what they’re accomplishing in such a short period! Click the Facebook link below to see some of the things they’ve been up to!


The new term begins September 2018. Apply now!