3D Animation

The 3D Animation Program is designed for the creative individual who wishes to tell their story through the world of animation.

The software and techniques taught by world-class instructors allow students to develop a professional-looking portfolio within one year.

The 3D Animation Program is a project-based, one-year program with a focus on the creation of a professional-looking demo reel. Using the industry standard software (Maya), the RAIS 3D Animation Program will be your stepping stone into the television, film and video game industry.

The Rais Difference

  • High-quality education with much more affordable tuition fees than out-of-province schools.

  • Small class sizes taught by world-class instructors who have worked on blockbuster animated features.

  • An intensive hands-on curriculum.

  • The faculty and facility are valuable resources for students even after graduation.

  • A high-end facility open to students and alumni 9am-9pm Monday-Friday.

Term Start Date: January 2025

Class Time: 9:00am – 2:30pm (Mon-Fri)

Total Instructional Hours: 1160 hrs

Total Weeks: 50

Course Outline

Term 1 (2 months)
This first term will introduce students to the traditional animation methods required to enter into the world of 3D animation. Students will learn the 3D animation production pipeline (all of the steps in a project from conception to completion) and will be given an overview into Maya, the industry standard software.

Term 2-4 (6 Months)
The focus of these terms is project-based work that students can use for their professional demo reels (the artist’s resume in video form). These projects are designed so students can show the required skill and competency to potential employers after graduation. This project-based approach allows the instructors to create a production pipeline environment similar to a typical workplace. Through these projects, students will learn: Pre-Production, Modeling, UV Layout, Texturing, Surfacing, Lighting, Rigging, Animation, Rendering and Compositing, using Industry standard software (Maya, ZBrush, After Effects and Photoshop).

Term 5 (4 Months)
Each student determines the focus of their final project and pitches their idea to the instructors. Once approved, this final project will require the students to begin learning advanced techniques in their chosen field. Much of this advanced technique will be taught on a one-on-one basis by the instructors in direct relation to the student’s projects. Under the guidance of the instructors, the students will maintain a full production schedule and will finalize and produce the final cut of their reel. 

Getting Hired in the High Tech Industry
During the final portion of Term 5, students will learn the necessary soft skills to advance in the tech industry.

Optional Computer Lab Time: The Animation Studio is available from 1pm – 9pm, Monday – Friday, for students to work on any school or personal projects. Students also receive a free Maya license (while attending RAIS) allowing them to work on class projects away from the school.

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