Where is the school located?
The RAIS world class facility is located just north of downtown Saskatoon.
Our address is:

1926 Alberta Ave
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7K 1R9

When are the program start dates?
There are two available sessions for the Audio Engineering Program (September 2024 & March 2025) and each session is 6-months long. The Motion Picture Arts Program is a 10-month program with a September 2024 start date. The 3D Animation and Game Art & Design Diploma Programs are both one year programs with a January 2025 start date.

How many students are in each class?
We boast some of the smallest class sizes in the country. A maximum of 15 students for each program. We strongly believe that the key to a quality education is keeping class sizes to a minimum. This allows for more one-on-one time with the instructors, more access to the equipment and facility and a more personal experience overall for the student. Unlike other schools that cram students in with separate morning, afternoon and evening groups, RAIS has only one group per term, which gives students access to the facility for the entire day.

Do you need previous experience to be accepted in the school?
No. While having some experience is an asset, it is not necessary. We begin with the basics.

Can you guarantee me a job upon completion of the course?
No, we cannot guarantee any job. Artistic career choices like Audio Engineering, Filmmaking, 3D Animation and Video Game Design can be very challenging. However, the core of our school’s mandate is to introduce the students to the established network of industry professionals and to give them the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

How much extracurricular time does each student receive with access to cameras and studios?
Motion Picture Arts – Students have virtually unlimited access to the equipment and facility.
Audio Engineering – Every student receives 80 hours of studio time to spend on whatever project(s) they wish. Past graduates have used this time to record their own albums and to work with other bands and musicians. In addition, any student has the potential to gain more studio time and experience by assisting other classmates during their studio time.

How heavy will the course load be?
Students will be in class from 9am – 1pm each weekday (9am – 2:30pm for 3D animation/Game Art & Design). We highly recommend students stay and edit on a computer workstation for at least a couple additional hours each day. In addition to working on projects and assignments in the computer lab, each student will be scheduled extracurricular time with the gear to work on whatever personal project(s) they choose. Students are encouraged to use classmates as crew members and assistants for this extracurricular time. Each student could potentially be involved most afternoons and evenings working on classmate’s projects as well as their own.

Is it possible to balance working a job while going to RAIS?
Yes it is. Class time is 4 hours per day (9am – 1pm), and 5.5 hours (9am – 2:30pm) for 3D Animation and Game Art and Design. This leaves sufficient time to maintain part-time employment. However, we highly recommend that students free up as much time as possible over the duration of the term to take advantage of the extracurricular access to gear, classroom computer lab time, and opportunities to work as crew members and assistants on classmate’s projects.

What am I required to purchase before attending RAIS?
Students in both the Audio Engineering and Motion Picture Arts Programs are required to bring their own external hard drive and headphones. For Game Design and 3D Animation students, it is highly recommend that you purchase an external drive to backup projects .