Game Art & Design

The Game Art and Design program is for the individual who not only loves playing video games, but has a passion to create their own.

The software and techniques taught by world-class instructors allow students to develop a professional-looking portfolio within one year.

The Game Art and Design Program is a project-based, one-year diploma program focused on the creation of a professional-looking portfolio. Learning the industry standard game design engines (Unity and Unreal), the RAIS Game Art and Design Program will be your stepping stone into the video game industry.

The Rais Difference

  • High-quality education with much more affordable tuition fees than out-of-province schools.
  • Small class sizes taught by instructors who have worked on blockbuster games.
  • An intensive hands-on curriculum.
  • The faculty and facility are valuable resources for students even after graduation.
  • A high-end facility available to all students and alumni 9am-9pm Monday-Friday.

Term Start Date: January 2025

Class Time: 9:00am – 2:30pm (Mon-Fri)

Total Instructional Hours: 1160 hrs

Total Weeks: 50

Course Outline

Term 1

Game Design 1 –Basic Game Design
This term will focus on using non-digital and third-party tools and games to learn the fundamentals of game design, in parallel to the students learning how to implement games.

Computer Programming & Game Engine Fundamentals
Students will learn a wide range of technical skills, primarily the basics of computer programming as well as learning the fundamentals of the game engines (Unity and Unreal).

Game Art 1
Students will be introduced to game art pre-production. This includes storytelling, concept art, the production pipeline and generating basic assets. Throughout this process, students will develop fundamental skills in Photoshop and Maya.

Term 2

Game Design 2 – Indie Game Creation
In groups of 3-5, students will design and implement a medium sized game. Students will be expected to participate in all aspects of the design and implementation, to gain a complete knowledge of all aspects of the game development process.

Game Art 2
Students will learn the fundamentals of lighting, UVs, shading and composition and generating more advanced assets for the game engine.

Individual Specialization
Each student will specialize in an area of game design that aligns with their individual strengths and personal goals. By the end of the term, students will have created a technical demonstration of their gained knowledge.

Term 3

Game Design 3 – Final Game Project
In groups, students will use either Unity or Unreal Engine to complete a large-scale game. Students will be assigned individual roles within the team, specializing in the strengths they exhibited through previous terms. This term of the course will run as a mock game studio.

Getting Hired in the High Tech Industry
The final portion of the term, students will learn the necessary soft skills to advance in the tech industry.

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