3D Animation Faculty

Aleksander Lomaszkiewicz

Aleksander graduated from The Center for Digital Imaging and Sound in Burnaby, B.C in 2003. Immediately upon graduating from the Digital Animation Master Program, he was hired at Electronic Arts Canada. While working at EA, he excelled and gained knowledge working with some of the top industry professionals from all over the world. As Co-Lead and Senior Artist at EA, Aleksander worked on the NHL, FIFA, NBA, MVP Baseball and the Fight Night sports series. Aleksander was involved in all…

Richard Wright

Richard attended the International Academy of Art and Design/Toronto Film School in 2006 where he completed his 3D Animation training, graduating with honors. Since then, Richard has been working professionally as an animator in advertising, television commercials and movies. Richard has won multiple awards for his 3D animation work in advertising, as well as, the 3D Total Excellence Award for his artistic work. Rich is easy going, easy to talk to, and eager to pass on his knowledge to the…

Jay Maher

Jay was born and raised in Saskatoon and moved to Toronto in 2000 to attend the International Academy of Design for 3d Animation and Visual Effects. He lived and worked in Toronto for six years and then Vancouver for four years and worked on feature films like Babel, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Stranger than Fiction, The Fountain, and The Number 23. In ten years, Jay has worked on over twenty feature films, five tv shows and various commercial ads. He…

Ryan Hansford (Guest Lecturer)

Originally from Manitoba, Canada, Ryan moved to Saskatchewan in 2007 to attend a two year 3D Animation program. He then went on to be one of the original members of a small animation company, and was instrumental in the growth of the company during his time there. Always keen to improve and master new skills, Ryan has mentored under and trained with world class artists from companies such as Pixar Animation Studios, Blue Sky Studios, and MPC. Ryan then went…

Doug Luciuk

- RAIS Director

Recording engineer, producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. Doug has had a passion for playing and recording music for over two decades. Doug graduated with honours from the Pacific Audio Visual Institute in Vancouver. Since returning to Saskatchewan, he has worked with numerous acts including Ultimate Power Duo (New Normal), Smoke Killer (13) and Ritual Rabbits (Somehow Never Again). In 2007, Doug co-founded Theta Lab Post-Production Audio which completed many television series (including a Gemini award-winner), short films, television commercials and web-based…

Sean Pion

- RAIS Director

Composer, musician, and sound engineer. Sean has been part of the Canadian music scene for over twenty years, having toured the country extensively and recorded in many studios with his band The Dalai Lamas. After touring full time for 3 years he returned to Saskatoon and began his audio career as an engineer at Audeo Sollum Studio. While there, Sean engineered several acts including, Smoke Killer (Side A), Side Door, and Sean Viloria and the Jeta Grove. In 2006, he…

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