Happy New Year!

January 20, 2021

A new term has just begun! 

This is the inaugural term for the Game Art & Design program! The students have been learning coding fundamentals, and will soon be putting these skills to practice, creating their first game using the Unity game engine. We can’t wait to see what the class comes up with!

The Motion Picture Arts students are currently editing their first project in Adobe Premiere, before they get into cinematography and lighting with Damien Kent next week.

The Audio Engineering students recorded their first song in the studio together as a class. Californication by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers!

Today, the 3D Animation students are building geometric shapes within Autodesk Maya. Learning the fundamentals before getting into complex character modeling!

Seats are limited for the next upcoming term (September 2021). To book a tour of the facility, email [email protected]!