RAIS Update:

April 18, 2023

The Motion Picture Arts students have been busy getting all their footage in the can for their final projects! It’s been 3 weeks of intensive shooting. Once they are done, it will be a couple months of post production (Editing/VFX/Colour Grading). We’re looking forward to seeing all the footage they shot!

The Audio Engineering class have been busy recording some awesome acts in the studio and also jumping in to do location audio for the film students. They are developing their recording, editing and mixing skills through these recording sessions, and having a blast doing so! Live Audio with Jamie Peever begins soon!

3D Animation students finished up 2 projects and are now delving into the first animation project of the program, the Lego Project! They will also be teaming up with the Game Students for a Game Jam in a couple weeks. The 3D students provide all the artistic assets to the game. The game will be done within a one week period.

Speaking of the Game Design students, they have been busy learning the design tools in Unity with each student creating a dungeon map and an outdoor environment. Stay tuned on social media to see some of their work. Next week they delve into Unreal Engine!

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