The Saskatchewan Film Industry is back!

April 13, 2022

The provincial government recently announced a substantial investment into the Saskatchewan film industry! This investment is expected to create hundreds of new jobs over the next year! Great news!

Meanwhile, things have been busy as usual at RAIS.

Audio Engineering students are 2 months into the program and are now deep diving into music production. As well, some fantastic artists have been recording with the class on Fridays, keeping the students busy with weekly projects!

3D Animation students have been busy working on modelling and finishing their exterior scenes. Next week, they start working on animation and doing a 3D Animation Lego project of their choice! After that, it will be the big class project, where the students come up with a concept, and then execute a short 3D animation film. Hundreds of hours of work, but a lot of fun too! The 3D classroom was also just upgraded with powerful new PC’s to help students with efficiency in the software and faster rendering times!

Game Art & Design students have already created multiple 2D games since classes began. A few weeks back they started delving into the 3D environment, building a Minecraft style level. We can’t wait to see what this motivated, hard working group of students are going to come up with for their team projects! Stay tuned to Facebook/Instagram for updates on how their game is coming.

Exciting news for the Motion Picture Arts program!  Starting this September, the program will be growing from a 6 month program, to a newly designed 10 month program! Having the 4 extra months will help build a more well-rounded and better trained graduate, ready for the film industry! RAIS recently made a significant investment in brand new iMacs for the film classroom! As well as more filmmaking toys/cameras to get that ideal, cinematic shot!

Finally, there is nothing better than hearing when our graduates achieve success in their given field! Recently, we have heard some amazing success stories. On the first day of class, we always ask each student what their dream job would be when they finish school. A 3D Animation graduate from last term, literally landed a job in California for the game studio he mentioned on Day 1.

Dreams can happen. But it’s a HUGE amount of dedication and hard work to accomplish them. Go get it!

Classes are already filling up for September 2022 and January 2023!

Seating is very limited.

Apply now!