The September 2019 Term Has Begun!

September 6, 2019

A new term is underway!

There is plenty of excitement in the building as the students are learning some of the early fundamentals in each program. You have to walk before you run (and get to all the fun stuff)! Audio students are learning the physics of sound, how microphones work, cable wrapping, signal flow and getting an intro to Pro Tools. Meanwhile across the hall, the 3D Animation students are diving into the industry standard software, Maya, and being introduced to it’s intricate and magical world. Downstairs, the Motion Picture Arts students are learning the crew positions, getting an intro to screenwriting, the history of film and they even starting learning how movie budgets work. Today, they are opening up Adobe Premiere and beginning  the process of learning editing.

Seats are filling up for the March 2020 term. Apply now!